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Don't be Pressured by Security Companies Coming to Your Door!

The security industry can be one of the most high pressured deceitful business around.

Van loads of college students, skirting Virginia DCJS regulations door knocking to get a signature on a contract.

We belive some companies actually watch the closing and robbery reports for the various cities and then target the home with a high pressured sales spiel. They will want you to make a decision right then and there.

Others will tell you they were referred by your neighbor, or that your existing security company if you have one has gone of business and they have taken over their accounts.

You will find out very quickly how their sunny, friendly demeanor can change if you do not want to act that quickly or tell them "no". Some become beligerant and insulting.

In our opnion these are all bad business practices and feel that the consumer should beware and be aware of what the state regulations are and what to watch out for and what to ask.

1.) Ask what specific security company they are with.

2.) Ask to see that person's Virginia DCJS registration card.

3.) Ask what their companies DCJS number is.

4.) Ask if they are local.

5.) Ask if they have a peddler's license for your city, they all require them in Hampton Roads.

6.) Ask the brand of system they want to install.

7.) Ask if they use sub-contractors.

8.) Ask where you will have to call for service.

9.) Ask what the contract length is.

Be in the "know", take your time, DO NOT allow yourself to be pressured into anything. Take your time and do your research.

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