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Alarm.Com to Partner with Tagg GPS Pet Finder

Stay Connected to Your Pet Anytime, Anywhere

Over 10 million pets are lost each year in the United States — that is a lost pet every two seconds. Always know where your favorite pet is located at all times with Smart Pet Tracking from More effective than a standard microchip, sends you alerts when your pet leaves home and gives you the control to pinpoint exactly where they are, right from your smartphone or computer. It even monitors and tracks activity levels to help your pet stay healthy.

Tagg GPS Plus, a waterproof, on-collar GPS tracking, activity monitoring and temperature sensing device, keeps tabs on a pet’s activity and location, all through the app. Smart Pet Tracking from is a truly connected solution that brings security and awareness for the home and the entire family together.

Receive Notifications

Receive alerts when your pet gets out so you can find them quickly.

Check-in When You’re Away

Always know where your pet is, no matter where you are.

Measure Activity & Stay Healthy

Onboard accelerometer monitors your pet’s exercise & movement.

Activity Timeline

Spot long-term trends or abrupt changes in activity levels.

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