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Summer Pests Are Just Around the Corner: Door Knockers for Security Companies!

We have posted this article before but worth resposting unfortuantely there is no amount of bug spray will keep these summer pests from your home :)

Here Come the Summer Door Knockers! Summer Doorknockers Well, it is about that time folks, summer door knocking season. Many alarm companies hire college kids temporarily to canvas neighborhoods and go door to door trying to drum up alarm sales. Did you know the State of Virginia requires all alarm companies, alarm installers and sales people to have a valid Department of Criminal Justice Certification for the position they hold? These certifications require finger printing, background checks and classes to be taken. Once the application and fingerprints have been sent in the participant has 90 days to take the required class. So, how does it work if you hire a college student only temporarily? It works like this....registration goes in along with fingerprints, the student is then able to work 90 days prior to the class, which will never take place because they have not been hired for a period of more than 90 days. Nice gimmick huh? In addition to all of this, ALL Hampton roads cities require anyone doing door to door sales to have a peddler’s license! The city of Norfolk is the only city requiring the alarm company to have a permit to install in their city. The home owner then needs to register their system at no charge to them with the police department. Virginia Beach and Suffolk require each home owner in their cities to register with the police department but at a cost. Many companies will try to use scare tactics about the crime rate in your neighborhood or city; some will tell you that your current alarm company was bought out by them (DO NOT FALL FOR THIS), alarm companies would notify you if this has taken place. They may ask how well you know your neighbors or ask your patterns of coming and going. If you feel their questions are inappropriate let them know. Do not feel pressured, they can be aggressive. If you feel they have been out of line or have come by at an hour that is not acceptable report them not only to your local police department but you can also report them to the Virginia DJCS.

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