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Coming Home After Dark

Have you ever left home only to return after dark and wished that the porch light was on so that you wouldn't have to fumble with your keys?

There are a couple of good options to remedy this situation from happening again.

There is the BulbZ which is a light bulb that can be placed in any lamp or outside fixture that will make that item z-wave and controllable via your phone or computer. The cost is $42.50, seem high? Not only will this bulb make that item Z-wave it is also a repeater that helps boost the signal to other z-wave devices. Still not enough, how about it is energy efficient? Usage of approximately 3 hours per night and its lifespan is supposed to be 22.8 years! So actually, the cost is not high at all.

Darkened doorway.jpg

The second option would be an automatic lock that can be unlocked via a remote or cell phone, no more fumbling with keys in the dark. the price of an automatic lock would be $175.00 installed.

Either of these options sound good please call us at 757-361-0345!

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