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The Home Security System You Never Knew You Wanted

Are you one of hundreds of people that have said “I don’t need a home security system because: I live in a good neighborhood, I have a dog, I own a gun, and I live in a gated community?” If so you are not alone. A 2 Gig Technologies system powered by has so many amazing features you may just find yourself wanting one versus needing one?

Alarm systems have changed drastically throughout the years and complicated wiring is no longer needed. No longer does the consumer need to worry about damage done to the interior of the dwelling, having to have a home phone line, high installation costs or having to leave the system and investment behind if they move.

A 2 Gig Technologies system is a wireless / cellular based system that can be added onto as budget or need requires. You control and get all your real time notification via your cell phone. Have a driveway, how about a motion detector; do you have a detached garage or shed that you would like protected?; a yard with a gate that you would like to know when someone enters; or a pool gate that you would like notifications if a child attempted to go through? Do you have older children that arrive home from school prior to yourself returning from work, have you ever asked for a phone call and they have forgotten, you can monitor when your children arrive home with real time notifications. Have a family member that has a medical condition and you would like piece of mind knowing they have a medical alert button or know if they are taking their medications on the right schedule? These are all features that 2 Gig Technologies system powered by can give you.

This system is perfect for homes, dorm rooms, apartments, townhouses, condos and houseboats, yes, houseboats!

Home security systems are not all about protecting your home any longer they are also about protecting you family. Components such as smoke, freeze and carbon monoxide detectors along with coded door locks versus key locks can be added at your leisure. And we haven’t even gotten into the home automation capabilities the system has.

When looking for a system do your research, be an informed party and know what pricing in your area runs. Do not be fooled by fast talkers and slick advertising. Ask how much the system costs, what are the installation fees, activation fees and of course the monthly monitoring fees

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