Have you ever wondered how alarm companies can give away all of that free equipment and then give free installation on top of it? As you may expect the equipment is not cheap, what they do is charge a ridiculous amount for activation and a large monthly fee for an extended period of time to recoup their money. If you only have arming and unarming capabilities then they really are making a lot of money, if it is a big name company that has their own monitoring station then they are making even more off of you. Here at HR Homefront Security we offer two options: The first being that you purchase the basic kit at a reduced price and all additional equipment up front, then pay a lower monthly fee for a period of three (3) years or we have the No Money down option where the basic kit is still reduced and there are some of the more popular items included in the package. The monthly monitoring on the No money down package is higher than extended to a (4) year contract. Alarm.Com which provides the features our customers enjoy charge US monthly for the service and so does the central station doing the 24 hour monitoring All monthly monitoring at HR Homefront includes actual 24 hour monitoring, home automation features, weather to the panel, National Weather Service alerts to the panel in the case of an emergency and FREE identity theft protection. At other companies to enjoy these features they charge per feature which raises your monthly monitoring rate. HR Homefront Security believes all customers should be able to afford the system and the features that make it safe, convenient and awesome so we do not and will not charge on a per feature basis.

July 28, 2015



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May 12, 2015

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May 12, 2017

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